Enforce entertainment, playing on the name of one of the best-known British companies that has best known how to interpret the European dimension, is structured as a complex project of integrated actions, which aims to systematize and consolidate relationships of international exchange in the perspective of enpowerment and capacity building , both for the artistic subjects that are part of the partnership, for the territories that will be of reference, and for the many artists under 35 year old who will enjoy the activities. The project is presented, in fact, as a series of actions linked together on several levels, which start from the support for the establishment of a very recent international platform of independent theaters in Europe, favor processes of exchange between artists, reinforce the careers of the organizers and artistic directors – in particular under 35-, support the co-productions with foreign organizations, create the conditions for a more effective international positioning of the companies of the works produced, and finally promote actions of impact on the territory of the experiences acquired at the abroad. All actions are designed to lay the foundations for a platform that can grow over time and be enriched by other subjects and artists whose costs will be sustainable even after the call for tenders has ended.

Objectives and strategies

1.build a long-lasting path, supported by a platform capable of growing over time. For this reason it was decided to participate in the foundation of the newly formed second level association The European Association of Independent Performing Arts which already has the participation of associations from more than ten European countries.

2 education:

a. The artists’ professions need extreme specialization and continuous research, given the particularly competitive market, especially in Europe. For this reason, a plurality of actions was devised that favored not only the artists involved in artistic creation but also the various figures who actively develop and curate.. First of all it was decided to make a path (complitely new Italy) to provide new tools to the artistic directors of the five partner associations who will have the opportunity to participate in three international festivals in order to understand in depth their operation and enhance networking, and that then a training seminar will be held by the major international curators to systematize the information gathered. As a spill-over of the project, the five artistic directors, in turn, will undertake to spread the knowledge acquired and systematized in at least five free workshops for young artistic directors.

b. A second path is designed for two operators – under 35 – who will participate in a workshop at Charioteer Theter in Scotland to improve their English language skills and learn about the methodology of theatrical teaching aimed at an adolescent target.

c. Dedicated to the artists will instead be the two courses, one of which for under 35, of dramaturgical writing and acting at the Globe Theater in London.

d. The heart of the project will be two international artistic residencies to be held at Lake Studios in Berlin and Vilnius at Arts Printing House and in Italy at Ilinx and IDRA. Through a public tender, two Italian artists / companies will be selected for a residence of artistic creation and in turn, as many foreign companies will be hosted in Italy. Italian and foreign artists will have the opportunity to meet and discuss in these residences and the result of their meeting will give life from a minimum of two to a maximum of four original performances that will have a series of relationships with the public of the host residences to then debut in a prestigious setting at the BASE Festival in Milan.

e. Two international residences will also be held at UfaFabrick- Confraternita del chianti and IDRA for a period of 15 days each, which will include an exchange with German artists and the production of two performances in the language; the performances will constitute the first framework of two projects in progress that will find their conclusion in Italy.

3. internationalization of the works
The international co-production is on many fronts one of the most delicate aspects because it involves a series of problems starting from the construction of relationships of trust, to contracts up to the actual structuring of the productive path.
It is well known that European projects can only be successful if the right partners are chosen. The project intends primarily to facilitate international relations by building a single online database of reliable subjects with which to develop projects.

Within this project four co-productive projects will be activated with different characteristics:
a. promotion of Italian dramaturgy: a text will be commissioned to Magdalena Barile which will be produced between Italy and Switzerland by the Teatro Magro and 33ROOMS companies.
b. support for the EhUman project – conceived by the Dutch company Mugmetdegoudentand – which provides for a complex collaboration of the Brotherhood of the Chianti / K Association with partners from four foreign countries: the Netherlands, Denmark, Romania and Portugal. Each partner will produce a monologue on the figure of the European Commissioner (or Euro Commissioner) to reflect, in a historically and politically complex moment like this, on what unites and divides the member countries of the European Union. A reflection that does not want to investigate only the “Europe macro-system”, but also better understand how this Europe influences – sometimes positively, sometimes less – the lives of ordinary people, of today’s and tomorrow’s citizens. The shows produced together with a series of meetings and workshops will be part of a single showcase that will tour all the countries concerned. The 5 works produced will circulate in the 5 partner countries thanks to joint efforts and joint coordination. Associazione K, in addition to the production of its own show and the circulation of its work together with the others, will participate in the creation of a training program in which the project companies will participate by exchanging skills and deepening the specificities of their artistic work.
c. enhancement of Italian artists with international artists: IDRA will be in charge of activating two co-productions with the Australian company Triage Live Art Collective and the Spanish company Eléctrico28. The shows will be staged in national premieres in Italy with a cast of Italian actors.

4. enhancement of reciprocity
All projects are designed to have an impact on Italy. Four subjects were identified.
a. will have the opportunity to meet international artists thanks to workshops, informal presentations and open training sessions that will be conducted during residences and during productions.
will participate in productions as actors
will participate in exchange and residence processes
The curators will be able to benefit from five workshops that will be held by the artistic directors
b. students: students in the last years of high school and university (in particular STARTS – Catholic University of Brescia and LABA) will have an active role in the research and development phase of some projects such as eHuman and in co-productions such as Triage Art Live Collective; will be involved as conscious users in the vision of the produced shows, thanks to a series of targeted meetings that will be held in high schools with the artists.
c. public involvement:
the shows of the 4 artists / companies in residence will be presented in the prestigious setting of a Festival at BASE (Milan) which will have the characteristic of promoting an experience and not just a detached vision of the show for which it will combine a series of informal meetings with artists (even culinary) to learn about the world of artists beyond mere production.
the EhUman project in its entirety will be presented in Italy at the Teatro Verdi in Milan with which La Confraternita del Chianti has already collaborated successfully on the international Pentateuch project. This will give the Milanese public the opportunity to follow a European project around the same topic in a short space of time so that they can compare the different artistic and cultural approaches of the companies involved.
the other shows will be hosted in the Lombardo Città Dolci Theater Circuit (supported by the Lombardy Region), at the Magro Theater and the Wonderland Festival