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crossing boarders

Corpi in movimento che si appropriano di spazi in trasformazione. BASE gioca e cambia forma in una continua ricerca multidisciplinare: il 5 ottobre va in scena in una esclusiva veste Crossing Boarders sostenuto dal progetto el MIBAC Boarding pass PLUS, con la presentazione dei risulttati di residenze artistiche curate da Residenza IDRA e R.A.M.I. Residenza Artistica Multidisciplinare ILINXARIUM coinvolgendo artisti emergenti Italiani Lituani e Tedeschi.
Un punto di osservazione previlegiato per capire come si muove la nuova danza internazionale.


residence exchange Lithuania/Italy

Residencies Exchange – Lithunia/Italy What do we think a residency is? A protected space A supportive space, where you get feedback and can explore A place to create new work A place for the venue and the artist to share things in common, to connect. An exchange: the artist gives something, the venue gives something, of mutual benefit Sometimes the artists withdraw into a quiet place. WHERE Arts Printing House – Vilnius 15th August 30th August The Arts Printing House is a unique creative phenomenon in Lithuania, a vibrant performing arts venue and a meeting place for artistic souls. Established in a former printing house dating back to 1585, nowadays it deals with performing arts layouts and linotypes- those that help develop a new understanding of creativity within modern society. Residenza Idra – Brescia 27th September 11th October Residence I.DRA-Independent DRAma is a place (Spazio Teatro IDRA), an idea and a way of producing, organizing and promoting theatre. It has a basic aim: communicate the private and social “human experience”. We work for a theatre who dare to dissolve its forms, to become “transparent”. THE COMPANIES Shy Palm Grėma Šmitaitė – dance, choreography Jacob Nosov – dance Sunayana Shetty – choreography Shy palms is a choreographic study of a relationship between two people, and warmness generated by palms. Based on the image of two volcanoes this study reveals a fundamental estrangement of people and at the same time, no less fundamental eruption towards the other. Colletivo DueDiTre Michela Priuli Elena Valdetara Dueditre is a project based on the search of visual appeal through all the elements of the stagecraft, focusing especially on the use of the body as an expressive tool. Vittoria Franchina, Michela Priuli and Elena Valdetara discovered a common desire of creative collaboration after their educational path at Susanna Beltrami’s contemporary dance academy, Dancehaus. The continuous search to recreate that lost set, give life to a new relationship, no longer of symbiosis but of exchange. From here, the choreographic research aims at first to physically recreate the symposium’s primordial being. The second part of the performance is about the search of the other and the relationship with them. This relationship is no longer symbiotic but has the form of an exchange. On the scene, dancers exchanges How do artists benefit from residencies? The artist can get a different viewpoint on their work because people have a different cultural heritage. This develops the artist’s work. Get influences from elsewhere Get inspired by other people